Intensive CI-training

Next Trainings 15-18 & 21-26 Dec 2019

GCEO is organising Intensive CI-training with Vega Luukkonen & Iiris Raipala in INDIA / Arambol

This 11 days contact improvisation training is focused on both building a solid ground of basic contact improvisation skills, develop understanding of underlying physical principles of CI – and as well concentrating on aspects of teaching and facilitating CI, building a community, looking also at emotional, psychological and philosophical perspectives of CI.


Our background and experiece in dance is build on understanding the moving body from inside out, creating and cultivating organic and economical ways to move and dance. We will build the common movement language from solo movement, diving into floor-work, developmental movement patterns, building tools to spiral up & down, understanding the function of our joints and skeleton – and how we can move efficient ways without waste effort. We will look at very basic principles of CI, as “rolling point of contact”, support, following & leading, falling, use of momentum, swing and suspension. Backspace, counterbalancing, in & out of contact – concepts of spine and center as leading forces of our movement, and all the 6 limbs being “in the service” of our core…

We will also have space for self-directed learning, labbing, exploring questions and having discussions on different themes. We will also take a look on history of CI, and placing it also on socio-cultural setting – what does it mean to be part of this dance-movement? Is contact political? What does it mean to me to dance contact?

Yoga Teacher Training

GCEO is working hand in hand with Trimurti Yoga to educate people in the field of Yoga and meditation. Trimurti Yoga is an international organization promoting and teaching Yoga in India. Specializes in certified Yoga Teacher Trainings 200 hours, 300 hours & Prenatal Yoga TTC (Yoga Alliance). School is a team of experienced and highly qualified teachers coming from various yoga styles and traditions.



200 hours TTC is a first level of training which allows you to start teaching yoga all over the world.

This is basic, but intensive yoga course for those who want to deepen their yoga practice, get to know the history and philosophy of Yoga, learn Yogic anatomy and understand the influence of asana practice on the human body. This course is especially dedicated to people who want to start teaching Yoga and need appropriate certificate, however everyone is welcome here!